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Sweden Accountant

Create Date:2021-03-31  【 Big Normal Small 】

Reporting to the Finance Director in Paris, the Accountant is based in Stockholm with regular communication with Paris HQ and the O&M team in Umea and Pitea.

Sweden Accountant

Main Responsibilities:

·        Prepare the accounting journals and manage the consolidation of the holding company and SPV in accordance with IFRS

·        Prepare group reporting such as monthly JiuQi report for each company

·        Prepare tax return for the holding company

·        Organize statutory audit of the holding company in a timely manner

·        Perform budgeting, forecasting, and analysis that supports major corporate decisions of the CFO, CEO, and the Board of Directors

·        Evaluate current assets and investments by looking at return on investment (ROI) and maximizing the effectiveness of cash flow e.g. other possible investments

·        Gauge financial health by using key financial ratios such as the debt to equity ratio, current ratio, and interest coverage ratio

·        Prepare internal reports to support sound management decision

·        Create, update, and maintain financial models and forecasts as basis for future operations

·        Perform variance analysis to explain differences in performance and propose improvements

·        Review accounting data provided by the supplier

·        Conduct covenant testing and impairment testing

·        Conduct monthly bank reconciliation and inventory control

·        Undertake any other tasks as required by management

Candidate Profile:

·        Bachelor / Licence of Accounting or higher related qualification

·        Minimum five years of accounting management experience, preferably from big 4

·        Experience in multi-country tax planning

·        Strong teamwork and ability to work under pressure

·        Excellent organisational skills, able to handle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines

·        Fluency in English and Swedish. Mandarin and German an advantage

·        MS Office

CGNEE is winner of RoSPA and Good Work Standard Award

Interested parties should send your resume in English to catherine.pang@cgnpc.com.cn