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Mechanical Engineer (w/m)

Create Date:2021-02-22  【 Big Normal Small 】

Founded in 2014 CGN Europe Energy is a European subsidiary of the Chinese leader in the Energy sector, CGN Group.
We operate in France (head office in Paris), United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands Senegal and Sweden and have 9 offices in those countries.
Our vocation is to become a major player in the renewable energy sector in Europe and Africa.
In order to strengthen the operation of our wind farms in France and in Europe, we are looking for a:

                                              Mechanical Engineer (w/m)

In our Engineering and Operations &Maintenance department, you will be primarily focusing on our operation Portfolio (2.4 GW) but will also closely collaborate with the teams involved in other projects in Europe.

This position can be based in France (Paris, Bordeaux or Troyes), in Belgium (Mons), in Ireland (Dublin) or in Sweden (Ume?). It will also require business trips in Europe on a monthly basis, depending on operational needs.

Main Responsibilities

? Review Inspection and Monitoring reports: Endoscopy, CMS, maintenance logs

? Support mechanical subjects during projects acquisition process

? Perform data analysis and develop key mechanical indicators

? Support and attend to major mechanical component replacement and perform root cause analysis

? Develop and support internal capabilities: endoscopy, portable CMS, oil analysis, etc

? Define strategies regarding mechanical components lifetime and replacement

? Inspect and investigate mechanical components such as blade or foundations, bearings and gearboxes

? Participate to the development and implementation of our Digital Operation Management platform

? Manage collaboration and partnership with external entities (contractor, institute, university)

? Regularly participate to wind turbine inspection to support of our technical Asset Managers


? Bachelor or Master in Mechanical Engineering or a similar discipline with focus on the wind industry

? At least four years’ experience in the field of wind turbine mechanics

? Knowledge of SCADA-data analysis, databases and programming in Python or similar programming language

? Extensive knowledge in rotating machinery including vibration analysis, condition monitoring or tribology

? Motivated, dynamic and honest, recognized care and diligence particularly regarding wind turbine health status

? Fluent in English and one other European language e.g. Swedish, French, German, Dutch

? A valid driving licence

This position requires good physical condition to go up and inspect a construction site or a wind turbine.

A similar position is open focusing on our Swedish Portfolio (1,4 GW) with close collaboration with teams involved in other projects in Europe.

Applications must be sent to : anais.morin@cgnpc.com.cn Please attach a one-page CV.