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CGNEE Training and Certification Centre is Now Established

Create Date:2020-04-20  【 Big Normal Small 】

On March 26, CGNEE’s Training and Certification Centre (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Training Centre’) was officially established. The establishment of the Training Centre is an important measure for CGNEE to implement the Group’s ‘Training – Assessment – Authorisation – Working’ system and carry out personnel training in the field of renewable energy, marking the ‘One Institute and Four Centres’ (including CGN Energy International Institute, Edra Training Centre, CGNEE Training Centre, CGN Korea Training Centre, CGN Brazil Energy Training Centre) planned by CGN Energy International Institute has taken another solid step forward.


The talent training system in the renewable energy filed in Europe is mature and highly market-oriented. The Training Centre will work with Highfield Qualifications, one of the UK's five largest certification bodies, to jointly build a global training and certification platform. Its course development, instructor training and certification are supported, supervised and authorised by Highfield Qualifications, and those who pass the training will be qualified by Highfield Qualifications. Furthermore, the Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual) will supervise, audit and evaluate the Centre's face-to-face courses, online study, examinations, international certificate accreditation, etc. to ensure that the training system and quality meet the standards of United Kingdom and the European Union.



On the basis of marking full use of the advantages of the European clean energy market regulations, languages, and talents, CGNEE explores methods of the Group international talent training programme. At present, the Training Centre has established a relatively complete training authorisation system in the fields of occupational health, safety and environment, engineering and O&M of wind and solar power etc. According to the characteristics of different projects, the Training Centre tested out online training channels, and has organised multiple trainings through online platforms.



Established in 1982, Highfield's business covers more than 50 countries around the world. Its qualification certificates are recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) of the British Government and the professional qualification system of the countries covered by the business.  Highfield has won the UK's most prestigious Queen's Awards for Enterprise and the 2018 Best Certification Body Award from the British Federation of Certification Bodies (FAB).


The certifications in the Ofqual regulatory qualification framework (RQF) belong to the professional qualification system of the United Kingdom and the European Union.


Contact: LIAO Bo

Email: liao_bo@cgnpc.com.cn

Mobile: +330760751586