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CGNEE first successful bid for ground mounted photovoltaic power plant project in France

Create Date:2018-08-27  【 Big Normal Small 】

On August 22nd, the French Ministry of Energy announced that CGN Europe Energy won the bid for Blueberry ground mounted power plant project.

Blueberry project is located in Chateauroux, central France, representing 30 MW and covering an area of 35 hectares. It is CGNEE's first renewable energy greenfield development project overseas. It was entirely developed by CGN Europe Energy. The entire development process took 2 years,the building permits were obtained 10 months earlier than usual obtention period.

The success of this project also makes CGN Europe Energy the only Chinese company to have won a large-scale ground mounted photovoltaic power plant bid in France.


It is being reported, that French government highly promotes the energy conversion strategy,planning to develop 30GW of solar energy in the next 20 years.

The success of Blueberry project will promote CGNEE's clean energy image, and facilitate CGNEE's development of PV projects in France.

Since the beginning of this year, CGN Europe Energy has successfully won the bid for operational and under construction wind power projects in France, in the Netherlands and Sweden for a total of 820MW. Among these projects, Swedish North Pole project is the largest onshore single site wind farm in Europe.

Up to now, the capacity of renewable energy assets of the company (under construction and operational ones) reached around 1.6GW.