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CGNEE entered the clean energy market of Senegal

Create Date:2016-11-03  【 Big Normal Small 】

On November the 3rd, CGNEE signed the SPA of the 44MW Malicounda project with the Italian company Chemtech Solar in Dakar Senegal. The Government of Senegal paid highly attention to this project. Mr.Macky Sall, president of Senegal, hosted the ceremony on the same day and considered this project as a pionner projet for the development of clean energy in Senegal by presenting the project in  the forthcoming United Nations International Conference on Climate Change (COP22). This is the first time that CGN Europe Engergy entered the African market of solar energy, which illustrated a good practice of China-EU cooperation in Africa and laid the foundation for CGNEE to further explore the clean energy market of Senegal.